Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday Morning Creative Director

I feel like I do every time the news tells me there'll be a a foot of snow on the ground tomorrow morning.
My opinion of the Superbowl remains pretty well unchanged post-game.
I am glad the Colts won. And I'm glad it rained like hell. You can look at all the work that was done, all the money that was spent, and say "I guess there are some happy clients out there today."

But it's no snowday.

All in all, I can think of better ways to spend 2.6 mil.
For some brands, that's their total ad budget - for two or three years. Seems sort of a shame to squander it on a single idea that is on the screen and then gone like a beer fart in the wind in 31 seconds. And some of these ads will plague us for weeks as the clients try to get their production budgets' worth out of them.

Which ones would you want to see twice? I can't come up with one that was a joy to watch again. No "superballs" ad in there. The Coke commercial from Weiden/Amsterdam is mesmerizing (but the ad community has been seeing this spot for six months, right?) .

I think I just have a media hangover from the whole thing: the prereleases, the montages, the historical perspectives and speculations and family portraits. For what?

Does hype really still work? Or does it just leave us with reality blueballs the next day? I truly believe the Superbowl - and the ads, for that matter - would be a better unencumbered by all the expectations and overthinking.

I guess there's always next season.

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Make the logo bigger said...

2.6 could fund a lot of guerilla shit for the year for a small brand. It's like, if you're a major brand, one spot at 2.6 cdoesn't do much, so you need like 10 spots.

2.6 + production for a nobody brand can miss if it sucks. And for what then? A negative impression of your brand?