Friday, February 09, 2007


You'd think Princess Diana died again.
You'd think the Pope died again.
You'd think Marilyn Monroe died again.

No, no.

Just a skanky gold-digging former Playmate who dyed her hair more often than Britney Spears.
And played an even bigger, redneck-er, bimbo-y-er card.

I'm shocked and awed by what passes for news these days.
Not since Jean Benet Ramsey has the free world been bombarded with such who-gives-a-shittery.


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Make the logo bigger said...

Agree, just as long as Elton John doesn't change that fucking song again.

James-H said...

Actually, that would be fucking perfect. Is anybody doing this yet? Weird Al singing "Candle in the ****"

Jetpacks said...


Seen a grocery store checkout lane recently, James? I don't know a one of these people (nor do I care about them) and yet I know all about their lives just from buying bread.

J_Fox said...

Sing it with me:

And it seems to me you lived your life like a barfly with a pimp...