Thursday, March 29, 2007


Former creative directors with a brand new bag.
Great concept. (Maybe I'm biased because I'm listed among their contributors.)

Advertising without AEs. Boy. There are days...

Every time I talk to them, they're up to their neck in something cool.
Whether it's Second Life, Skypecasting, CBS radio, or a host of new media, social media and never-fucking-heard-of-it media, one thing is for sure: Every time I get a job from these guys, I have to download new software.

Keep it bookmarked: they're always thinking.


Jetpacks said...

Fine stuff. Really like the PSA for Pennsylvania Health with the guitarist. Throwing in a reference to Peter Brady going through puberty has always been a dream of mine. I've just never found a client willing to gamble like that.

James-H said...

Wrote it.

Jetpacks said...
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Jetpacks said...

You rock, jetsucks.

(Or jetdoesntsuck, whoever you are.)

Make the logo bigger said...

I wet myself just seeing “Advertising without AEs.”