Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Black lacy-looking crap (in this case, intermingled with ladies swiped from porn magazines.) See it here.
Supposedly a reinterpretation of the Beatles album "Revolver", actually this treatment has been showing up all over the damn place.

Like here.

And here. (Probably where it started. Marco.)

And even here..

What IS this? iStock calls it "grunge design".
This stuff all reminds me of the crap I used to draw on my desk in high school.
Which is has become its own little design trend, thanks to Jared Hess and Aaron Ruell.


Make the logo bigger said...
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Make the logo bigger said...

The whole technique in general feels more like a spin off of the Yellow Submarine acid-trip/graphic aesthetic from the sixties. I even saw it in a spot for crackers last night.

Now I think most spots throw ink in water and shoot the resulting pattern.

Moda di Magno said...

The wickedly talented and extremely gracious Jason Gaylor has gifted the world with his amazing Photoshop brushes that help to create some of this work. I'm on the fence about some of he work - but Iove love love the brushes.


**I got the link from Heather Armstrong at the Dooce blog.