Saturday, March 03, 2007

Vinyl - the new dope

Actually, Creativity ran an article about the rise of vinyl figures roughly a year ago - but Fast Company points out that the trend is hot and business is booming. I guess that means it's moved from a creative story to a money-making one. So rarely am I on the leading edge - what with my jeans, sneakers, art direction and graphic Ts that are so 2006.

I'm a father. I like to think it'd be pretty uncool for me to be too cool. I find cool parents a little sad. Along with age and wisdom comes a certain amount of cooling down that makes me A)less subject to the winds of change and B) less rabid to stuff the latest craze onto my next credit card statement.

Anyway: Vinyl being what it is, and what it was, I thought it was worth pointing this out: Easter's coming.

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