Monday, March 05, 2007

We're all in bed with each other

Marketers are sluts. Just like celebrities. And I don't mean because both are willing to do whatever it takes, to make a buck. Although, there's that.

I mean how marketers (and celebrities) will try to make a fucking dime off anything.

And how events like this exist with no irony, whatsoever. Lexus is sitting on North Face face. One promotes exploring the last of the icecaps - the other creates SUVs determined to melt them. (I know, that's soooooo Leo.) But they can make a couple nice bones off each other in the wee hours at Sundance (where, no doubt, other celebrities and marketers are gyrating on each others egos.)

I'm not shocked. I'm just amused at how important it all sounds.


The year politics scuttled the documentary oscar was the year I stopped believing in film as art. And the year I stopped believing in charities tied to famous people.


Make the logo bigger said...

Long live the Alfomercial. I knew that thing would win. I also can't recall a time when a documentary focused more on its host than it did the subject matter.

Oh shit, wait. I just remembered. Any Sting video.

J. Holden said...

If you're going to sell a phone, sell a phone. Or an mp3 player. Whatever. But don't sit there and masturbate at the thought of how great you are because you're donating to a worthy cause with every purchase. Just give them the damn money directly.
It pains me to think of all of the cash spent to produce (what is usually a piece of crap anyway) these exercises in self-grandiosity–all so corporations can better live with the guilt of knowing that they are sodomizing the American consumer with a large phallic instrument in their day-to-day business practices.
Seriously, 18 million dollars? That's it? Hell the creatives expensed more than that on sushi at Nobu.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for capitalism and the free market system. It helps keep me employed. But don't be patronizing, thinking you're making a real difference in the world with these corporate shell games.