Thursday, March 22, 2007

What's in the water in Boulder?

If I didn't know any better, I'd make the rash judgement that CPB was on the slide.

Taking heat for VW, Orville R., and now Miller. That can't be good.

How did Man Laws go wrong? It was good stuff. It was true. It was entertaining and inclusive. Everything you love about beer ads - and less. I guess sales are down? Slumping against Corona?

Having worked on Lite under a different client (Pre-SAB) I know the distributors pull a lot of weight. And MAN did they hate Fallon's Dick campaign. Was Man Laws too weird? Is this story already out there? I'm too lazy to do much more than idly speculate.

Good news: CPB is perfectly situated to pick up Coors and kick its ass (assuming Coors isn't in love with that nonsensical bullshit they have running right now. THERE'S a brand that needs some better work.)


paul said...

Ahhh, good point. I'd love to see CPB get ahold of Coors. Just about anything would be better than the stupid crap they're using now.

Jetpacks said...

The Man Law stuff gets trashed all the time, but I liked it.

Here's how bad the Coors stuff is: I can't even think of what they're running right now.

Make the logo bigger said...

“THERE'S a brand that needs some better work.”

Fuckin' A, amen bro. That Coors shit is unreal. I'd rather watch Lowermybills animated gifs all day than listen to Coors radio spots like: “Pass, pass, pass the cold coors lite...” or another train in stadium.


George Parker said...

The only thing worse than Coors advertising is the fucking beer. Same is true of all "Light" beer. Why would anyone want to drink that "Nuns Piss" Get some Boddingtons down you. Jesus, drink beer that tastes like beer. And as I've posted on AdScam... "Man-Laws" sucked. But, why does CP+B insist on doing campaigns with dead guys... Orville Redenbacher and Burt Reynolds... Fuck, give a living actor a break... And I don't mean chickens and plastic kings... Fuck it, time for a drink. Thanks for the comments on AdScam... Texas still sucks.

James-H said...

Ooooo. I like it.
Sequel to the Sixth sense with Andrew Keller whispering: "I cast dead people."