Thursday, April 12, 2007


I work in an office of twenty very capable, very accountable folks. When six of them go to one meeting, two go to another meeting, and two go on vacation, this place is like Antarctica (and not just because of the overexuberant air conditioner kicking 50 degree air down my neck.


I feel like there was a party and I wasn't invited.


J_Fox said...

I work from home most of the time with a dog and cat. And while I like the dog and cat more than many people I've encountered in advertising, I must still invite your to shut your hole.

James-H said...


Daniel Beaudoing said...

I too worked from home with a dog and cat for quite some time. And though they often chose to micterate on the carpet or in my fiancee's shoe, they also never insisted upon lifestyle images or making the product more heroic. This time also allowed me to discover that if you truly want to get urine out of a carpet, you're going to need something with hardcore enzyme action--and yes that's as hot as it sounds.

James-H said...

Maybe your cats will eat my crickets.

Make the logo bigger said...

“Always an AD, never a bride.”

Or something like that.