Wednesday, April 04, 2007

history lesson

Weiden's new website is up. It's a fucking flashmonster.
Some will love it. Most will use it as an excuse to gripe about Weiden, suddenly the dark horse for losing their grip on Nike and a new TV campaign for butter that's a little too Highlife for the ad community at large.

I'm all for a good public flogging, but I think most of the WK-hate is pretty unfounded. Of course what do I know, perched here in Dallas, with little more than an AdCritic-eye view on the greater woes of the industry?

I guess that's my point. Weiden may be running a concept through the good-conceptinator, but they sure as fuck aren't cranking out the latest batch of Viagra ads. Jesus. VHS? What is this, 1997?


Jetpacks said...

That site is a counterintuitive grab bag that screams "fuck convention." Might not play well for people actually looking for something, but it certainly is creative.

Moda di Magno said...

Nice take on the site Jetpacks. Yup, creative - and if they are trying to weed out potential clients who aren't cool enough to "get it", they hit their mark a site that says nothing about what they do. Hmmm.