Thursday, April 12, 2007

just saying

Not that Imus isn't a creep. He is.
Not that he wasn't wrong to say what he said (I, for one, won't repeat it.) He was.
Not that he doesn't deserve to be fired. He does. And was.

But that argument aside, I can't help thinking that Al Sharpton's crusade for racial justice is much like that of the IRA: If he didn't have something to fight about, he'd be standing in an unemployment line somewhere.

The Rutgers Ladies basketball team does not need Al Sharpton to stand up for them. Quite the contrary, I'm sure if they were as horrified as Mr. Sharpton suggests, they could have hired any number of legal folks, most of whom would have probably handled their case for free and with more tact and less theatrics than the Rev. Sharpton.

He's a reverend. Shouldn't forgiveness be at the top of his list?
It was certainly at the top of Martin Luther King, Jr's.
But then, I don't pretend to think that Al Sharpton plays in the same state, much less the same ballpark as Dr. King.

I'm all for racial justice. I'm all for racial equality. I am so NOT for racial grandstanding. And I'm not the first to suggest that it does more harm than good. When will the US news, and the african american community at large, quit giving this guy a microphone and a spotlight?

I guess that's part of my dream.


Jetpacks said...

What Imus said is deplorable, despicable and worthy of firing, if not jail time. This man has no right to be on the air in this or in any other country. He should be executed.

But short of that, he should be made to make reparations to the poor girls whose honor and virtue he sullied with his tasteless and offensive comments, to the tune of multi-millions of dollars. Nay, not just these women alone - but women everywhere should be compensated by Imus.

And God bless the Reverend Al Sharpton for keeping the fires lit that brought this horrible chapter in American history to its fitting, rightful and righteous end. Fight on, Al! You make me proud to be an American!

James-H said...

You had me until you wrote that last sentence.

Make the logo bigger said...

Ok, I know the post is about Sharpton, but I’m goin off on the Idick.

He should also do consecutive sentences because his material sucked. Give Chappelle or Rock racial material to work with, and they’re like surgeons. Give the same topic to Imus or Stern and they fuck it up every time.

What's worse imo is the ‘Great Americans’ like Pat Buchanan who say we need to consider his comments within the context of his career. That the good he's done offsets this situation.

Now, even I have to admit his raising awareness of important issues like mercury in childhood vaccines or his cancer ranch are good things, but still, all I can say to Pat is


Michael Richards was funny as shit as Kramer. Need a buffoon to enter on cue? Short of Lenny and Squiggy, there’s really none better. But all of that is forgotten after his club breakdown. As it should be.

And this isn't the first time Imus has done this. Not sure if you guys hear him down where you are, but up here in the NYC metro area, his band of idiots have been doing the Amos ’n Andy “Well, Hello der An-deee!” fake brother bullshit for too long now. Well, it just caught up with him. (Bunch of no-talent hacks. They call his slot a sports show. He wouldn’t know a hockey stick if it was shoved up his ass. I fucking hate his show, can ya tell?) And Stern pulls the same bullshit.

Still, I can’t help wonder who's next though, Rosie for her “Ching-chong-ching” comment? Michael Richards need to serve a little jail time maybe? Not sure where this is all heading. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake to this day have not been fined one dollar for their ‘malfunction,’ but how many stations who couldn't hit the 7-second delay fast enough paid the price?

Not to mention, after that stunt, how uptight did everyone become? I think we're heading back out into those Thought Police waters again.

Even Imus doesn’t get it. He wants to apologize and quickly move on. Typical of the idiot who has no clue of the full effect of his words. Hey I-Dick, the ones sensitive to the comments might just take a little longer than a day to ‘move on.’

Regardless, it’s all moot. Someone will hire shithead. Even freakin’ Limbaugh got a radio gig after his on-air snafu and is now one of the highest-rated radio programs in the country.

Imus will broadcast from his cancer ranch, write a few books, and do some guests stints somewhere. Because someone out there will always pay people like him to do whatever it is he does.

J_Fox said...


Make the logo bigger said...

Shiiiiit. Hippies?

I fucking hate the Dead too.