Monday, April 02, 2007

Paths diverged

I went to high school in Media, PA and was a product of the prestigious Art Major program at Penncrest High School. Which mattered very little in the next few years, as I squandered most of my talent and energy on upside-down keg stands and the like. However, many of the guys I schooled with (and the friends they skated with) have ended up being a fixture in the Philadelphia Art Scene (often covered in "The Vulture", if you ever bother to patronize any of my links.)

John Freeborn, Lisa Kereszi (NOT a philadelphia artist, but worth mentioning because her work is so fucking great) and I graduated the same year. Jeff, a year later. Both John and Jeff skated with Adam. Who evidently hangs out with Shephard, Bam, and occasionally Johnny Knoxville.

The two biggest reasons I'm not showing work at Space 1026 are because a) I was a shitty skater and wore my hair all wrong and b) my father talked me out of a life of pure art and into a life of graphic design - which in turn, turned into a life of advertising design thanks to the also-prestigious Visual communications program at the University of Delaware, where I went to school with (but didn't skate with) Rob. Who is featured in a photograph on Adam's website, which is what made me think of how weirdly connected a lot fo these people are.

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