Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Environmental Advisor

I saw this this morning, after I heard the whole thing about the arctic ice melting at a rate 30 years faster than initially predicted (And I keep waiting for a frost-bitten Jake Gyllenhaal to fly by on a snow mobile, chased by a tornado.)

Everybody knows that we need to figure out the environmental issue.
Unlike other long-term issues, like a 401K, which is set-it-and-forget-it long term investment planning, folks don't know where to start with reducing their biological and environmental footprint. We are worried about cancer. We are worried about obesity. We are worried about money. We are worried about violence. We are worried about education. All these things, we are worried about today. How can we also worry about something that is going to happen in 50 years?

Here's how: Make it like a 401K.

A financial advisor comes in and helps you get a handle on all your finances and helps you to set long term financial strategies. An environmental advisor (fictional job description) helps you to take stock of the environmental implications of your lifestyle and helps you to streamline your consumption, refocus your resources, and solve other problems in the process. (For instance, burn calories while flipping the compost pile. I know, bad example.)

There are some "environmental advisors" out there (I assume these people are helping businesses find the loopholes in EPA mandates so that businesses can pollute at the absolute maximum level possible without incurring a penalty.)
Instead of waiting for the government or Susan Sarandon to tell me what to do, I'd like to think there were options out there that would make it a little easier for me to evaluate and mitigate my impact on the environment.

I'd pay good money for that.


Moda di Magno said...

I smell a great business plan there!

Make the logo bigger said...

I saw an ad for environmental change agent carbon footprint artist. Gonna apply.