Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Things I've learned the 1.5 weeks I've been at my new job:

20 miles at 60 mph is STILL farther than 11 miles at 25.

Agencies thrive on young creatives.

Interactive means something different today than it did yesterday.

Busy is good.

A partner is good.

A partner, when you're busy, is really good.

The West End is a hell of a place to scrounge up lunch for less than $5.

A laptop is heavy after 4 blocks.

DART is 2 years from opening a station within commuting distance of Coppell. Gas should be $8/gallon by then.

Creativity is still worth a lot.

Truly kicking its ass still means late nights.


Work productivity erodes blog productivity.

Never underestimate the value (and implications) of the phrase "No problem."

1 comment:

Jetpacks said...

What about "A bigger paycheck is worth all of the crap mentioned above."