Monday, May 28, 2007

Two opinions I have no respect for

Thank God I didn't know this happened until I read it in It means I have successfully had a weekend devoid of television.

I know that part of the fascination with celebrity is the realization that they have opinions, and that those opinions are completely ludicrous for the simple reason that they are celebrities, but Dude, C'mon.

It has to occur to anyone with a brain that this is staged, right? Just like that red-headed guy on American Idol during the try-outs? And that whole "Omigod! I'm going to jail!?" stunt Paris Hilton is pulling?

Since Jerry Springer, there hasn't been an honest shit-losing incident on TV worth watching. All this baiting and prodding and faux-scandal makes my head hurt. And just in time for Memorial Day weekend. Shocker.

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Make the logo bigger said...

What's worse and not staged from the looks of things is Rosie's comments on 9/11 conspiracies before the show taped. Be afraid.

I don’t mind political satire, but she’s good at neither.