Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Entertain me

Adweek's article about consumers wary of cellphone ads (replete with the now completely overhyped iPhone photo) leaves me thinking "No shit, dumbass."

Most people DON'T want to be inundated with what, from our experience with more traditional media, will surely be 95% useless crap. Just like we resent a mailbox jammed with Lillian Vernon catalogs, an inbox full of software and investment spam and TV shows encumbered by 2 minutes pods of Allegra ads. The big insight in this article is: if you ask people to imagine being advertised to, they assume the worst. WAY more memorable than the three great ad experiences that engaged the average consumer this week is the utter sewerful of shit they were also exposed to.

So I'll say it, to no great effect, once again: if you make your "advertising" worth getting, people won't resent it. They'll beg for it. If your advertising is viral (read: relevant, entertaining, sharable, valuable in a cultural - and not merely commercial - capacity) it will send itself. And change not only the way people view your brand, but the way they view all advertising.

And perhaps Adweek will write a somewhat different story.


Jetpacks said...

Well put, James.

It doesn't have to be crap.

Make the logo bigger said...

I smell new phrase coining. A mantra for good viral: “this shit sends itself.”

Irene Done said...

Just for the record, "no shit dumbass" is my reaction to every Adweek article.