Friday, June 29, 2007

.... I feel fine

If you live in Dallas you know (and if you watch the news you may also know) that Dallas has been experiencing a lot of rain. More rain than ever before. Catastrophic rain. End of the dang world (and sort of scary/depressing) rain. Radio hosts talk about "know we know what it's like to live in Seattle" and the like.

Add to that the fact that I haven't mowed my grass for three weeks - and you get - well, you get a lot of frigging grass. I filled two trash cans with grass clippings today when I finally got a big enough break in the rain to mow. That's compared to the 3/4 of a can I typically fill. (Fret not. Coppell recycles grass clippings and will surely scoop up my two trash cans worth and compost them.)

It took the barn swallows 15 days to build a full nest. And you should have seen the variety of fauna that ran for their lives when I cranked up the ol' mower. Toads. Lizards. You leave your landscape untended during a rainy two weeks in Dallas and nature takes over.


Make the logo bigger said...

That's like Bible rain down there. What, like 9' in one hour or something?

James-H said...

People sort of giggle about it (the whole biblical rain thing) - but you sense them scoreboarding their morality between jokes: "Just how bad HAVE I been?"

It wouldn't be a stretch to say we're approaching 40 days of rain.