Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Evidently plenty of green gore is hip with the 16-21 set, Scion's unapologetic demographic for their latest effort for the xA.

I'll give it a B+ for pyrotechnics. It's a little soft on merging the sell with the experience - I highly doubt spilling green blood is part of the larger brand promise, although admittedly, I'm asleep long before your average Scion Driver even takes his Saturday night pre-cruising shower. So what the hell do I know.

Definitely creepy. And somewhat engaging. And unique.


Jetpacks said...

I'm going to steal from you. I'm reviewing this site next week for iMedia Connection.

I dont get paid for it, so the answer to your question is, "No!"

Make the logo bigger said...

Their shit is trippy for sure. Did you guys catch the previous one?

Also, as far as the green gore love, Tarentino mentioned something about this about Grindhouse/Planet Terror or From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, (I forget which), but the ratings board has a problem with showing too much blood. So if they substitue another color for the gore, the film can avoid an R or NC-17 rating. So some of his scenes have stuff spraying out that isn't red, but is just as nasty looking.

Mike said...

I killed 'em all!!! Kind of Monty Python-like, eh?