Thursday, July 12, 2007


From Twitter:

Keeping up with the Joneses

Dawn Jones has recently learned that she is "doctor conceived" and sets out to find her twenty-seven siblings. That's the premise of "Where Are The Joneses?" a new interactive comedy done in the style of "The Office" that you can participate in writing via wiki and watch online at YouTube. You can also follow Dawn's adventures via her Twitter udpates.

Cool idea. Remains to be seen if wiki can do for entertainment what it's done for the online encyclopedia. I've always been of the opinion that creative by commitee turned out a lot of worthless crap. I suppose that depends on the committee and what is at stake.

UPDATE: More here.
Thanks to ZI for poking his head out.

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Zeroinfluencer said...

Hi James
Like every good open source project we have guardians who help keep the projeect, or in this case, the comedy objectives in mind. Wikipedia uses the same dynamic, so does Mozilla.