Monday, July 02, 2007

The color loud

I'm loud.

Blame it on the coffee. Blame it on my walkman in 1987. Blame it on three years of screaming over Dave Spink's horrible music.

But I'm loud.

I look at high volume like others look at color. It's part of a broader composition of volume: louds and quiets, highs and lows. It's easier to appreciate the quiet things when there are loud things to compare them to. If we were all quiet - loud would be unbearable. Maybe I am that unbearable to some folks.

But I'm loud.

And I drop the F-bomb. Not pointlessly. But with regularity. Not quite Lebowski regularity - or Snatch regularity. But regularly. And loudly. And it may be unbearable.

but necessary:

"I fucked it up"
"I'm the fucking ambassador of happiness"
"Welcome to the fucking palace"

You know who you are.
It has its place.
And so does volume.

So all you quiet folks out there.
Fuck off.

Now I'll shut up.


J_Fox said...

At least you don't blame it on the rain. Now pipe down before you frighten the juniors. Again.

Make the logo bigger said...

Ha. The best primetime F-Bomber on TV without actually hearing it is Chef Gordon Ramsey on HK. Last night, even after a team won a challenge, he was like, “Good job men. Now, fuck off.”