Monday, July 02, 2007

The Green-in-the-house Effect

Here is an argument for "building a community" as a blogger:

On a good day, gets about 60 hits a day.
Today, thanks to a couple key links from Bill at Make the Logo Bigger, received over 120 hits.

I haven't had that much traffic since one of my Britney Spears posts got inadvertantly swept up in some spam-campaign.

Bill Green kicks ass. His blog kicks ass. And subsequently, when he mentions, Yonderponder kicks ass.

Update: even a sub-mention of the Bill Green Effect on another blog is good for a 50% rise in my blog traffic.


Jetpacks said...

I too have been the beneficiary of the occassional Bill Bump.

Green is the new Gold.

Irene Done said...

I want to participate in the MTLB LoveFest07! His links and his comments are always great. He and Highjive are like the iron men of ad blogs.

Make the logo bigger said...

That’s because I don’t have a fucking job. I blog all day.