Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Parade redux

I went back this year to see if things had improved from last year.
They had. Starting with fireworks set off last night in Andy Brown park and visible from the uncrowded confines of my front yard.

The temperature for Coppell's 4th of July Parade this year was a meager 83 degrees (with 70% humidity). Down about 20 degrees from last year. And yes, the giant tooth made his customary appearance.

I was armed with my Canon XT, a proper bag for candy, and a bottle of water - all missing from last year's event. Kell hung in there until the bitter end, in the name of free Sweetarts.

Still working the kinks out with the camera - but you get the idea.

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J_Fox said...

Kellerson seems unimpressed by the giant tooth. His dad must be an ad creative.