Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The squeaky wheel and the slippery slope

In my past customer service comments , I've taken issue with just how many phone calls it takes to get the job done. And evidently, so has Sprint.

I don't like this trend one bit: understaff a customer service line with unempowered- and probably subcontracted call center shlubs whose only real authority is to have you blacklisted and ultimately blackballed.

Imagine if the electric company did this. "I'm sorry, you've complained about your bill one too many times so we're just turning your power off."

Is this designed to make people think twice about demanding fairness?

And quite honestly, does Sprint really stand in the power position to make a bold move like this? I like Sprint. I like my service. iPhone aside, I think they have it going on. Even if they have invested eerily heavily in the uber-irritating push-to-talk technology which, near as I can tell, is only good for commercial producers and roughnecks. But they're number three. Three? Sprint has been around since the dawn of time and they can only squeak out three? Their technology blows both Verizon and At&T out of the water, and they're number three? Maybe it's the customer service they should be working on.

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