Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Night Ponderings

As I look back and forth between pictures of Tammy Faye and Posh Beckham, I pause to remember that - for all their ridiculousness, these are people. With real lives. And while their sound bites and eye make-up may make them look a bit bizarre, don't we all share a little blame in their craziness? We US-Weekly buying, evangelical supporting masses? All they wanted was to be loved. And be great. And in the end they'll return dust to dust. Spotlight or no.

The celebrity meltdown is always such a weird thing to witness: Paul Rubens and Nick Nolte and Paris Hilton have all had their mugshot published. Britney's Michael's pajamas-in-court. We put them up to this. We warped their minds when all they wanted was to be loved and/or left alone.

Money kills people. From the inside out.


Ingrid said...

I think about sometimes as I read items on TMZ or One look at the comments section shows that ordinary people can be more vicious than the celeb press.

I relish my non-fame, my ordinary-Jane life.

Buck Super Stereo said...

i love the rubens reference. did i ever mention that i worked with his cousin while at eisner in baltimore (now defunct....messy story....the way i see it, they just never got over my)?

the best part of that little nugget is that this woman's 9 year old daughter wanted to dress up as her famous cousin. and of course, nobody dragged that family skeleton out of the closet for her. it was a very good day when they walked in the door for kids trick or treating that day.