Thursday, August 23, 2007


Creativity online has started a series titled "On Creativity". First out of the chute, the venerable Alex Bogusky. Say what you will about his hair (much better) his jacket (not video-friendly) and his poker face (I think he doesn't officially smile until he talks about how happy the mayor of Boulder is to have CPB in town – 3:30 or so into the clip), but he seems pretty down to earth for a guy in charge of what is considered arguably the single most important ad agency of the last ten years.

Thank God Teressa Iezzi – who, incidentally, cannot stop herself from grinning like a school girl as she pronounces "Alex Bogusky" in her intro (:12 in) – doesn't spring some "Kafka Questionaire" bullshit on him. Just the standard stuff: How's Boulder? How was Cannes?

One nit - cutting away to Teressa during Alex's answers (Who does she think she is, Morley Safer?) does nothing for this little production. She shows no visible reaction other than a trembling nod throughout.

Worth the 5:00+ viewtime.

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Buck Super Stereo said...

i wondered what you and your artsy-fartsy blog community thought of this as i watched it yesterday.

granted, i'm an account guy....but i was kind of "meh" about this as a whole. there was one point in particular that was completely wah....where he spoke about judging in france being really hard. come it really that hard to judge work? doesn't he do that still practically every day, its just now not people on his payroll that he can work to death? or is he just a figurehead that speaks and snowboards?

i do like his philosophy/approach to the titanium award...that's what it's all about. and i do have a very high appreciation for his shop's work. i just thought this interview was flat. where's the over-the-topness allowed for one of his creative stature? and don't say wearing that coat with a ringer tee is enough.

you're right, probably was just seeing that fat bitch from time to time that kept me from truly embracing this.