Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Frigging Say It

Rudy and Buffy, at Tattoo Projects, are not apt to mince words. At least in my personal experience (Buffy lambasted my choice of footwear in mid-recommendation on LinkedIn).
You want hot co-workers? Just ask.

Overt-ness. It's a strategy that has worked for me. Quit pussy-footing around the damned obvious and tell me what you're thinking. So if you want to hire people who look good in a belly shirt or a pair of leather pants, frigging ask for it.

Of course, as a student of the well-crafted creative brief, I'll tell you: Pick a single compelling point. And then execute the motherloving shit out of it. Either get talent that kicks ass. Or get talent with nice ass. Looking for both and you start looking for a needle in a North Carolina haystack.

I, of course, have both. But, alas, I live in Dallas.

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