Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Holla Blue Hens?

Usually, it would make me all tingly to see a Blue Hen make it into the ad press, no matter how shabby the ad press tends to be when it comes to actual journalism. Usually. And Ellen Steinberg has been raised to demi-god-like status in the UD VC program, along with the likes of Franklin Tipton, Bill Oberlander, Craig Cutler, and Kirk Souder.

Ellen spoke to my ad class while she was busy kicking major ass at Fallon in the nineties. Even brought along a coworker: Bob Barrie. Word has it she continues to to kick said ass at McKinney Silver. And so, to see her face grinning from the pages of Adweek... University of Delaware isn't necessarily one of the ad schools you hear about in the same sentence as Portfolio Center, Miami Ad school and VCU. So when a Blue Hen gets it done, I take notice.

But this guest critique is horrible. Not one to blow smoke - even if she's a fellow VC Grad AND a gold pencil winner AND a CD at an agency I wouldn't mind working for - I gotta call 'em as I see 'em.

Without a doubt this is the most irritating thing I've read in Adweek. Ever. This horse is dead, beaten, blended, choked down, pooped out, blended and beaten again for good measure. What the fuck is she talking about? Advertising?

An Excerpt:

I happily waded in the 30-second puddle over and over again to satiate my fascination with the fact that someone out there found a guy who strongly resembles Homer Simpson, Grampa, Otto (the bus driver) and, yes, even Krusty the Clown. "The world is going Simpsons, and BK is in on it." As I said, not exactly genius, but genius I think is on holiday this time of year.

Critiquing advertising is, in my opinion, inane enough without being indirect and incoherent. 'Satiate my fascination'? Jesus.

She sounds like me, at Rays' 60th birthday party, when the water ran out and I was forced to switch over to straight vodka. Good times. Good, hard-to-understand times.

I'm blaming this on Adweek. This is exactly what editors are for. Editors look at a critique like this and come up with a nice way to say: cool idea, Ellen. Can you make it a little less - um - irritating? Ellen is an art director (like me). She needs an editor.

Lord knows I've violated the irritating clause. Probably weekly with this blog. I don't have the benefit of a national publication editor (yet - any takers?)

While I hope I'm not shitting the strangely small, ad-industry bed here, I can't stand idly by when a fellow Blue Hen is permitted to fall so flatly on her face.

Shame on you, Adweek. But thanks for giving me something to slap around on an otherwise newsless week.


J_Fox said...

Dude. You gotta warn people before linking to an extended metaphor like that. Wow. That hurt.

Make the logo bigger said...

“Your honor, the defendant was caught doing 75 in a 30 mph zone and linking to an extended metaphor.”

Irene Done said...

That really did hurt. I lost consciousness somewhere around the third sentence.