Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Loyalty is underrated

And it's not just me.

I got a loyalty card in the mail today. From Golf Galaxy. A store I like to visit. It's close. It's full of golf stuff. It's reasonably priced.

I went there the other day to buy golf balls (I tend to lose upwards of six a round, so I was angling for dollar-a-ball or better.) I settled on a box of TopFlites for the well-marked price of 9 bucks and change.

And then the GG dude asks me if I'm a member of their loyalty program.
"No" I said, as flatly as possible. (De ja vu?)
"Why not?"
"Honestly? I hate that shit."
(This is a risk in a golf store. Typically golfers only curse when they've just shanked a three wood into the pond. Under their breath, no less)
"Why should I?"
"To get that price" he says, indicating the giant 9-and-change price, which I suddenly realized had a smaller, bigger price and a fucking asterix next to it.




Sign me up for your 'loyalty' card.
What's wrong with this? Or my recent feel-good post about US Airways? Or the fact that I have to make a show out of flipping through all the tags on my keychain trying to find the correct one for the correct grocery store that day?

Loyalty my ass. Cut out the loyalty crap. If you wanted me to be loyal, you'd invest in a great brand experience. You'd respect my "piss off" countenance when approached about a loyalty card. In short, you'd have a product or service worth loyalty.

This tagging system is like what National Geographic guys track tuna migrations with. I am just another blip on the economic radar. And the only bonuses I see are: slightly less than retail pricing and a shitload of spam for my trouble.

But it seems like insanity to pay the extra four dollars for balls I'm going to shank into a pond. So I fork over my info.


Catch Up Lady said...

I couldn't NOT remark on the irony that as I was reading your tirade against loyalty cards, the Google ad on the side bar was for.... US Airways. "Access our great Dividend Miles & Frequent Flyer program online!" Um, no thanks.

Someone upstairs has a sense of humor.

Moda di Magno said...

I'm wearing my loyalty tags as earrings - I find it less cumbersome than keeping them on my keychain. For frickin' 50 cents off kleenex...