Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Screw the Herd

Adliterate throws brainstorming under the train.

Describing the experience as one "in which too many people, with little ultimate responsibility for the quality of the outcome whitter on for far too long to the increasing frustration of the problem owner. Frustration manifestly worsened by the cult of facilitation."

Amen, brother.

Furthermore: "for my money, the optimum number of people for an idea generation session is two with no facilitator hanging on. Two people that have a vested interest in the quality of the outcome and can switch seemlessly between divergent and convergent thinking until they get to the right idea which they both then build upon.

It is one of the reasons that Bernbach was a genius in putting art directors and copywriters together and a reason that strategists should also be paired, or paired with individual creatives."

This article alone is enough of a reason to permalink this blog.


Make the logo bigger said...

Link whore.


But I agree. Two people max. Writer and an AD baby with a kickass brief. (Ok, maybe a planner can help with that part.)

J_Fox said...

I have never seen anything accomplished in a group brainstorming session. Never. Especially not when some jackleg keeps asking "what else" every 30 seconds as if no idea is good enough to grace the planet. Shoot, even cw/ad teams need to break up and think on their own a bit most of the time. Otherwise we just end up talking about how dumb the "what else" yahoo is.

richard h said...

Hey thanks for the mention, who knows if enough of us refuse to run or attend brainstorms we could close the whole sordid business down.

Jetpacks said...

jacklegs with the "what else?"


And then they look at you and go, "Hey! We're brainstorming here! This is a brainstorming session!"

Moda di Magno said...

Brainstorm = lunch. We can only hope that anything else comes of it.