Monday, September 10, 2007


Another football season is upon us.
In Texas that means a lot of anxious parents (not me: my kid's playing soccer - the sport that will never catch on.™).
And a lot of anxious Cowboys fans (so far, so good. Although if defense wins games, we're gonna need one of those.)
And a lot of new, high budget television commercials and their accompanying websites.

Here's a good one. As one of the guys in my creative meeting this morning points out, the music from The Last of the Mohicans is perfect.


Jetpacks said...

Thanks for the music ID. It had been bugging me.

The "60 of that is even better, with Tomlinson running the other way before the Ram picks up the ball.

James-H said...

The full version is on there - but you have to dig around for it.

Michael Mann directs?

Make the logo bigger said...

Ha, guess we all collectively dug that one. Yeah, that's Mann, using his own score too.

As for Dallas, you won't need the D if you can keep putting up 5-6 TDs a game like that.

J_Fox said...

You have creative meetings?

And I'd like to once again thank Carl Petersen. His 10-year plan to bring a Super Bowl championship to Kansas City is now in year 19 and everything's looking up! Because we're already at the bottom.