Monday, September 24, 2007

Photo Tuesday (on Monday)

I love this guy. I love his work. I love that, the two times I've shot with him, I ended up going swimming afterwards. Once, here at Barton Springs, in Austin. As Summer draw to a close, I thought this was a great collection to share: Part of a project Will's been working on - since 1983.


Photo credit: Will Van Overbeek.


J_Fox said...

Dude, I used this guy for the Wal-Mart/Tracfone stuff that's on my portfolio site.

James-H said...

Not only that: "Chandler" from your Tracfone stuff is Will's (former?) assistant, Chandler - who appears in the Frisbee commercial on his site, and the accompanying print ad.

That guy has a great look for utterly bored and pathetic.

J_Fox said...

Yes, we had to use Will's assistant for that shot because Will pulled a no-no and casted from a talent agency for a Wal-Mart "real people" ad. At least the shots came out great.