Monday, September 17, 2007

post mini-soccer ponderings

Which position will you play today?

The blamer : "He knocked me over and I fell down. Waaaaaaaaah!"
The defiant: "I didn't knock him down."
The teamate: "Even though I didn't knock you down, I'll pick you up."
The daydreamer: "We're playing a game? Now?"
The breakaway striker: "I'll just do it myself."
The selfless defensemen: "Somebody has to do this part or we'll lose."
The sideliner: "Is it my turn yet?"

Will you just be one in a group of eight, taking turns kicking your teamates in the shins without moving the ball a yard? Or the one who understands the rules but not the strategy? Will you be one who lives for the water break and the postgame snack?

Do you want to win? Does everyone else?

Does ANYONE else?

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Make the logo bigger said...

Or will you be the parent who wants their kids to just have fun no matter who wins.