Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Diesel Powered

I doubt I'd ever be caught dead in anything with "Diesel" on the label. I lack the necessary funds, pretention and general hautiness to pull off a pair of lime green sneakers.

But their website is always worth checking out. For as long as I can remember, Diesel online has been an experience of its own. And the stuff I found in pursuit of a new pair of jeans was pretty cool. And pretty sexy. And pretty well-done.

The kids stuff is a little too weird. I love my kid in hand-me-down Spiderman t-shirts and hockey jerseys. Hip-Hop High fashion is troublesome on a four-year old. I'm terrified of who he'll be emulating at the none-too-distant foot of that slippery slope.


Make the logo bigger said...

The kids stuff has a little soccer hooligans thing going on. But Diesel doesn’t disappoint on the weird freaky Shit-O-Meter scale.

J_Fox said...

I'm surprised you bother with Diesel at all after that whole giant-Diesel-store-at-Northpark-with-3-pairs-of-jeans fiasco.

James-H said...

They have more on line. In my size even.