Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thoughts from the AICP show

"I feel like J-Lo without an entourage."

"Sweet Jesus."

"Hi. Hi. Hello. How are you. Hi. Hi. Nice to meetcha."

"THESE are the free drinks?"

"I can write off a $12 Woodford Reserve."

"I'm under dressed."

"Wow, I'm totally under dressed."

"Ah. I'm totally OVER dressed compared to THAT guy."

"Is that really chicken?"

"I didn't know you could get eyeglasses that looked like those."

"Or those."

"Did it just get louder in here?"

"Hmmmm. My business cards are all bent from being in my wallet."

"Wow. I only have three business cards in my wallet."

"Here, let me write that down on this coaster/napkin/ATM receipt."

"Peggy Moore is ubiquiteous."

"Are those branded nunchucks?"

"A free hat!"

"A free shirt!"

"The valet staff at the Hotel Palomar are on it."

1 comment:

J_Fox said...

The nunchucks rock. The valet took another five minutes to get my car after yours arrived. Even the other valets were talking smack about him.