Sunday, November 25, 2007


I watched a mind-boggling amount of football this weekend. For me anyway. I am not one of those ESPN9 subscribers. The fact that I've seen a few quarters of the Dallas Cowboys this season is cause for alarm in my wife's eyes. I was never one of "those guys" who sat, filling the couch with beer farts and wiping Dorito dust on my unchanged tshirt while loudly asking her to pee for me between quarters. not me.

However, I watched a silly amount of football on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I probably would have continued the effort today but for the grueling drive from Memphis back to Dallas.

Anyway, I only saw one commercial worth watching:

Bud Light Dude - Watch more free videos

This is not a new joke. But it is well told. The near-accident Dude. The Jif Dude. Waiting-in-line Dude. And the payoff wine-not-beer Dude are flawless.

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