Thursday, December 13, 2007

File under: Shut up, ya'll

Kanye West needs a choke-ball.

"All I did was talk about how I looked up to Justin or to Beyoncé, looking at what they did. But I’m looking at everything everybody does. I’m looking at everything T.I. does, I’m looking at everything Lil Wayne does, I’m looking at everything Jeezy does, I’m looking at everything Jay-Z does, I’m looking at everything the Killers do, I’m looking at everything Red Hot Chili Peppers does, I’m looking at everything U2 does, I’m looking at everything Rolling Stones does, I’m looking at stuff that Justice does, I’m looking at stuff the Arctic Monkeys do, I’m looking at stuff that TV On The Radio does, I’m looking at Dr. Dre, I’m looking at Timbaland, I’m looking at the Pussycat Dolls. So I’m looking at all these different things, and my goal is to take out everybody. My goal is to completely dominate."

Dude. C'mon.

And as impressive as it is that this guy can list off his entire iPod collection in an interview - and as irresistable as that must be to a journalist bent on making him out to be the blabbering knucklehead he's proven himself to be, time and again: PLEASE. EDIT. THE. FUCKING. ARTICLE.

In the time it took Kanye to list off all the people he's "looking at", each one of those people wrote a song, or experienced something of their own that they'll incorporate into their music (okay, not the Pussycat Dolls, but otherwise...).

Taking aim on your competition in the entertainment business, Tupac/Biggie aside, is just asinine. Be great. The world will follow. Trying to endlessly reformulate yourself in the face of a playlist full of world class talent is a good way to end up cranking out another "Gold Digger" - fun to dance to, but it's not going to win you any Grammys.

Oh yes I did.


Make the logo bigger said...

He was looking at everything Martha was doing too. I think.

J_Fox said...

Be great and folks will follow? Have you looked at the top of the charts recently? Best evidence for reinstating music and art education ever. But what do I know? I'm a novelty act.

Jetpacks said...

Kanye West is Jesus, dontchaknow.