Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Great Expectations

As I eluded to in an earlier post, Slingshot has a new ECD.

When I was just a pup in the biz (actually, before I was technically in the biz) I went on a field trip to NYC. U of D arranged these frequently to expose us to the stuff you don't see in Newark, Delaware (or Philly, for that matter): Art, design, food, traffic, energy, etc. And they'd schedule visits to Kirshenbaum or Cliff Freeman or DDB: places where we had graduates creating great work for actual clients.

One of these visits was to Ogilvy, to hear Peter Wood speak.

It was the single most memorable presentation I've ever seen. He burst into the room, dressed head to toe in black, and began abruptly. He spoke a mile a minute in a peculiar British accent, tacking up examples, ringing the room as he talked. An assistant followed behind him, taking them down to clear the way for the next wave. He spoke and tacked like this for approximately ten minutes.

It was thrilling. And terrifying. When he was finished, he stopped and asked us if we had a questions. We stood there, mouths agape, struggling for oxygen, much less an intelligent question. What the hell had just happened?

My question might have been: Will you do that AGAIN?

Now he's here. In Dallas. Sitting right here with me in one of the most forward-structured creative departments in the country. Because he thinks this is where it's happening.

Cool, huh?

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