Saturday, December 15, 2007

Proof in the refrigerated box

Fox pointed out these things a few weeks back. On his rec, I ordered a couple.

Dang these things are pretty/unique/tasty. "Frosty Mint White Chocolate Ganache,Eggnog White Chocolate Caramel, Mango Gingerbread in Dark Chocolate, Aged Port in Dark Chocolate, Sicilian Honey, Walnut and Amoretti Cookie Crumble in Dark Chocolate."

Good Lord.
And my wife's eyes pretty much popped out of her head when she saw these little jewels lined up in the box. They are literally almost too gorgeous to eat.

If you have last minute gifts left to give, check 'em out.

Order by the 28th to get 'em by the 25th.

1 comment:

J_Fox said...

Jeezo, I'd almost forgotten to order some for myself. Next time, get the sea salt caramels. Mmmmmm.