Friday, January 26, 2007

Ideas are a dime a dozen

I work with 21 people. And every single one of them comes up with ideas. Every single one. The receptionist (who, in a former life was a Desperados dancer, and in a next life will be an elementary school teacher) comes up with ideas. The creatives come up with ideas, sure. The AEs and principals come up with ideas.

Are they all good? Hell no.
Are some of them frigging brilliant?
Doesn't matter.

Because a great idea and a shitty idea are exactly the same until you DO SOMETHING WITH THEM. They're just a thought bubble - or a talk bubble - and a note on the page. If that note could cure cancer or solve the Iraq crisis DOES NOT MATTER if it remains an abstract idea.

There is a lot of talk about the value of good ideas. And I can unequivocably say that an idea is only as good as its execution. A polished turd? That's a well-executed, but poorly conceived idea. A poorly executed brilliant idea? That's just a damn shame.

George Lois wrote a book about big ideas. And it is a collection of well executed ideas. You don't sit around abstractly talking about what a great "Idea Guy" George Lois is - you talk about looking at his work and feeling like you've been punched in the face.

Some people label themselves "Idea guys".
Anyone who shakes my hand and tells me they're an "Idea guy" had better well be able to back it up with an execution strategy. When the idea guy looks sheepishly around the room when you ask him "but what does that LOOK LIKE?" - you know you're all fucked.

That's why I think producers are so fucking great.

"I need a midget juggling a waffle iron, a cobra and a jar of mayonaise." A producer is on the fucking phone booking a midget, looking up different styles of waffle irons on eBay, screen grabbing mayo jars, requesting comedy reels from a dozen directors and talking to a snake wrangler named Buzz in West Texas who collects venomous reptiles.

I'll take a punch in the face over the perfect idea any day.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My new buddy, Kevin

I got an email from my new friend, Kevin today.
I have closed the gap - I'm officially separated by Kevin Bacon by 1 degree: an AIM page.

He didn't give me his actual IM screen name, yet.
But he DID give me his wife's aim page address.

Some of my other new friends include Ashley Judd, Rosie O'Donnell and Kanye West.
I never realized just how popular Kevin was.

Kevin's pretty cool for a superstar.
I hope he gets me some tickets to see his band at the Viper room.
That will kick ass.

Actually, I've considered Kevin Bacon a friend ever since he recommended The Darkness on his iTunes Celebrity Playlist.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SAGs next hurdle

"We don't need no stinking actors."

In the late 90's, the proliferation of dirt-cheap buy-out talent in Europe and South America was the answer to the SAG strike. And a boon to the economies of South Africa and Vancouver. Now it looks like we can sidestep high-priced spokesperson contracts with artificial people.

File under super-creepy.

Also, is a faux-Redenbacher REALLY what that brand needs? Wasn't the son nerdy enough?
And does anyone else smell the exhumed remains of Dave Thomas?

I haven't seen the actual spot, but this seems like a very un-CPB move: parading out what may be considered memorable, but in my opinion, seriously lackluster work from the sixties and seventies. Leave that shit to FCB. (in 2000).

You want to dig old icons out of the advertising closet and breath new life into them, do it like Weiden did a few years back with their "Girl on the moon" /True Romance rip. Atleast that had some style. And a distinct nostalgic tang. Talking cyborgs of dead people doesn't make for appetizing popcorn. Or advertising.