Tuesday, February 20, 2007

in the news

Another slightly-less-dead, but no less slutty blonde makes news by, get this, shaving her head.

When I see news blot out the sun with this kind of totality, I ALWAYS wonder what's going on today that would be much MORE interesting to report on:

Lying is now an act of good faith..
There's a family value for ya.

Vindictive appendectomies may be a thing of the past.. (Warning, viewer discretion is advised.)

Judge not lest ye be caught , hungover, in a convenience store.

And of course, there's the ever-looming deadline of armageddon.

Okay - you're right. Tell me more about Britney's scalp.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Fantasy Agency

If you could build your own fantasy killer agency, who's on your list?
Here's mine:

City: Barcelona (maybe a satellite in Sao Paolo?)

Structure: St. Luke's (sounds good in theory)

CD: Paul Lavoie, Taxi (smart, fun, traditional advertising that's anything but)

Producer: Nicky Barnes,Fallon UK (Wrangles 250,000 superballs down the streets of SF. Gotta love that.)

Clients: Geico (cool insurance), Southwest Airlines(a unique brand that appeals to everyone without the baggage o of the competitive set), HP(elegantly rises above the nerd-dom of mainstream peripherals).

AEs: CPB (those fuckers can help sell ANYTHING)

Planners: Goodby's HP team (Brief leads to memorable, effective, award-winning work I'd be proud of in my portfolio that is neither tricky nor common.)

Interactive: EVB (OfficeMax, elf yourself - deep and f'ing viral, ages 2-92)

Results: Chiat/Day's iPod work (ubiquitous, indelible, effective, kinda cool)

Are there other positions to recognize?
BTW: if this is already being done somewhere, please let me know.