Thursday, April 05, 2007

You know, for the chicks

A little something Firehouse has been helping one of our clients cook up.

The site is pretty simple. And pretty self explanatory.Pass it along to your ladyfriends. And if you're a dude and you want to wear any of the stuff in the shop, that's okay, too (just, you know, use discretion.)

Huge props to the ENTIRE FH crew, since there were significant in-house contributions at every level. Including a few shining faces and a lot of blood and sweat equity to make something so (I'll say it) Cute.

Point of clarification: I am sharing this site with my readers, not claiming it as my own.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

history lesson

Weiden's new website is up. It's a fucking flashmonster.
Some will love it. Most will use it as an excuse to gripe about Weiden, suddenly the dark horse for losing their grip on Nike and a new TV campaign for butter that's a little too Highlife for the ad community at large.

I'm all for a good public flogging, but I think most of the WK-hate is pretty unfounded. Of course what do I know, perched here in Dallas, with little more than an AdCritic-eye view on the greater woes of the industry?

I guess that's my point. Weiden may be running a concept through the good-conceptinator, but they sure as fuck aren't cranking out the latest batch of Viagra ads. Jesus. VHS? What is this, 1997?


Thanks to American Copywriter for the heads up on Bob Barrie's new agency. But for the record: I have to say: "Barrie D'Rozario Murphy/Minneapolis" is a SHITTY name for an agency. "BDM" makes me think of tighty-whiteys.

Still, I'm sure they will kick ass. Can anyone confirm the number of Gold Pencils Bob Barrie has secured over his 93-year run?

I have nothing on the whole Cutwater thing. Website or no. Jeeps may be the definitive SUV brand, but I find the product irritating in its ability to attract jackasses, self-imports and frat-jerks. It looks good on you, though.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Scenes from Dallas

...and after the hail storm.

I christen thee

As someone who is pretty liberal on naming kids, I find the news that "Metallica" doesn't fly as a name in Stockholm both chilling and hilarious. Chilling because it was put up to a vote. Hilarious because I immediately expected the reason to be that Metallica themselves were filing some sort of lawsuit. Celebrities have no shortage of strangely-named children (from Apple to Zolten), but is the rock-group as given name without precedent? McSweeney's should run a list of band names (adapted from my work itunes playlist) that would make great Hollywood children's names:


Monday, April 02, 2007

behind the scenes

In case you couldn't get enough after the milk game.
This is the agency: North Kingdom.
And here's another one they did: Toyota.

Really elegant stuff. And all very fresh and new and relatively underived. I may have a new fantasy interactive dept.

Got game

Thanks to RM 116 for the link:
Milk is cool again.
This game is really quite nice:
Get the Glass . com

Paths diverged

I went to high school in Media, PA and was a product of the prestigious Art Major program at Penncrest High School. Which mattered very little in the next few years, as I squandered most of my talent and energy on upside-down keg stands and the like. However, many of the guys I schooled with (and the friends they skated with) have ended up being a fixture in the Philadelphia Art Scene (often covered in "The Vulture", if you ever bother to patronize any of my links.)

John Freeborn, Lisa Kereszi (NOT a philadelphia artist, but worth mentioning because her work is so fucking great) and I graduated the same year. Jeff, a year later. Both John and Jeff skated with Adam. Who evidently hangs out with Shephard, Bam, and occasionally Johnny Knoxville.

The two biggest reasons I'm not showing work at Space 1026 are because a) I was a shitty skater and wore my hair all wrong and b) my father talked me out of a life of pure art and into a life of graphic design - which in turn, turned into a life of advertising design thanks to the also-prestigious Visual communications program at the University of Delaware, where I went to school with (but didn't skate with) Rob. Who is featured in a photograph on Adam's website, which is what made me think of how weirdly connected a lot fo these people are.