Thursday, April 12, 2007

just saying

Not that Imus isn't a creep. He is.
Not that he wasn't wrong to say what he said (I, for one, won't repeat it.) He was.
Not that he doesn't deserve to be fired. He does. And was.

But that argument aside, I can't help thinking that Al Sharpton's crusade for racial justice is much like that of the IRA: If he didn't have something to fight about, he'd be standing in an unemployment line somewhere.

The Rutgers Ladies basketball team does not need Al Sharpton to stand up for them. Quite the contrary, I'm sure if they were as horrified as Mr. Sharpton suggests, they could have hired any number of legal folks, most of whom would have probably handled their case for free and with more tact and less theatrics than the Rev. Sharpton.

He's a reverend. Shouldn't forgiveness be at the top of his list?
It was certainly at the top of Martin Luther King, Jr's.
But then, I don't pretend to think that Al Sharpton plays in the same state, much less the same ballpark as Dr. King.

I'm all for racial justice. I'm all for racial equality. I am so NOT for racial grandstanding. And I'm not the first to suggest that it does more harm than good. When will the US news, and the african american community at large, quit giving this guy a microphone and a spotlight?

I guess that's part of my dream.

A moment of silence

Kurt Vonnegut died today. I haven't read many of his books, but enough of 'em to know he was my kind of writer.


I work in an office of twenty very capable, very accountable folks. When six of them go to one meeting, two go to another meeting, and two go on vacation, this place is like Antarctica (and not just because of the overexuberant air conditioner kicking 50 degree air down my neck.


I feel like there was a party and I wasn't invited.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just for Money

For the love of all that is decent, can we NOT do this?
Derivative. Exploitive. Unwatchable. And yet...

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Art for money

I'm an art director.
I get paid to think artisticly.
I think about creating art. For money. All the time.

I spent a few hours on Good Friday painting in my garage. With different sized paintbrushes and different color paints and stuff. Thinking, somehow, what if I could do this for money? Would I still like it? Would it still come this easy? Would it be any good? Would I keep coming up with things to try? And things to say? Are you capable of creating art if you live in the suburbs and drive a new car and worry about the neighborhood association busting you for a weedy yard and a rotten fence?

I spent an hour drawing race cars and dogs with my son on Saturday morning. My wife looked over my shoulder and said "that would make a great t-shirt. I would totally buy that shirt." I'm thinking "How much could a silkscreen set up possibly cost?"

My son and I were spending a little quality time with the Playdoh (I'm one hell of a playdoh sculptor, I have to say) and I'm thinking - is there demand for this kind of thing out there? Because I can SERIOUSLY Playdoh with the best of them. I make the stuff on the box look downright boring. I am a firm believer in mixing up your colors. My son appreciates this. Others find it scandalous. I mean, once it's mixed, how do you put it away? The red stuff can not be mixed with the white stuff, or when you stick it back in the white container, the next person (still my son and I in this case) is disappointed by the no-longer-white playdoh.

I am not ready to walk away from strategy and web design and integrated campaigns and press checks and health insurance. But scarier still is the idea that I'd be able to come up with idea after idea after idea (although I've been doing that for 10 years) to keep the rotten fence mended and the car paid for and the college tuition savings rolling in.