Friday, April 27, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A story that's guaranteed to piss you off

This just in:

Four Steps to Imperfection

1. You get more done if you don't sweat the details.
2. You do better work if you aren't worried about perfection.
3. Working the longest hours doesn't mean you're doing the best work.
4. Stop procrastination by stopping perfectionism.

I'll get more done if I half ass it.
I'll do better work if I half-ass it.
I'll do better work if I go home early.
If I half-ass it, I'll stop putting it off.

This may be great advice for Home Depot employees and your average call center drone, but I'm all for people who sweat the details, worry about perfection (getting it right), put in an extra hour or two or ten when it's necessary and get it the fuck done, especially perfectly.

Call me old fashioned, but I thought that was the idea. Do it. Do it now. Do it right. And then start doing something else right.

Fucking Yahoo blogbait.

Blue Hens represent

Just wanted to point out that not all Blue Hens end up blogging away in the suburbs. Franklin Tipton is kicking its ass in San Francisco. The meagerly written UD Messenger did a little story on the ass Franklin is kicking at Dial House. Even hired himself a couple other blue hens to help him nail it.


I believe in advertising.
So do they.
A new regular link.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Justice is done

Arnold wins Volvo.
I hope they kick its ass. And I hope it kicks Volkswagen's ass.
But that's just me because I'm such a die-hard Volvo fan.

Atleast I was.

Anyway, Arnold deserves a car account. No matter what Adweek says.

(Like how I reference Adweek and then slam them? Effortless. I could do this all day. I must confess, the magazine is doing something right, if only by supplying me with enough fodder to opine on the industry with considerably less research than I'd be forced to do otherwise. And I expand their readership by ten readers, so it's sort of a win/win.)