Thursday, June 07, 2007

Well put

Great site gives folks an inside look at working in the industry.

Great site about a book based on the industry (that I'm reading 3 pages at a time right now).

Monday, June 04, 2007

Wine Nerd makes a Pilgrimage

I'll thank Irene up front here for tapping fertile ground for me.

I am not a wine snob. I am not a connoisseur (did I spell that right? I suppose it takes one to spell one). I am not well-versed in the language of varietal.

But DAMN am I looking forward to a little trip to Tuscany in the next few: close enough to Montalcino to tour a Brunello winery.

In fact, I just spent two hours salivating over "Rick Steves does Cinque Terra" It's not THAT kind of title (Honestly? Rick Steves?) It's the kind of title your mother might buy you for Christmas six months before she graciously flies you and your entire family to Italy. But enough about Mom. We're talking wine.

I love wine. $8 zinfandel. $200 cabernet (lovingly paid for by generous clients, directors or producers). $2 Chuck. I love red wine and white wine. I had really great pink wine in Portugal. My wife and I found Madeira in Madeira. I discovered Malbec on a boondoggle in Buenos Aires.

I've had Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, and Texas wines. And I spent many an evening in Dallas, perched on a balcony above the neighbors chickens and lowriders, sipping Glen Ellen chardonnay, playing Scrabble and listening to Led Zeppelin.

There are those who pick apart wines for being too dry or too sweet. Too tanniny. Too musty. And while I can certainly tell the difference, now - for the most part - between a pretty good Pinot Noir and a friggin' fantastic one, I'm a shoobie wine enthusiast. (I'm a shoobie golfer, too). I'm not in it for the glory of conquest. I don't know all the rules. I'm just glad to be spending a couple days out of the office with my nose buried in a half-full glass and a warm spot spreading in my belly.

I'll bring you all some pictures.