Friday, June 29, 2007

.... I feel fine

If you live in Dallas you know (and if you watch the news you may also know) that Dallas has been experiencing a lot of rain. More rain than ever before. Catastrophic rain. End of the dang world (and sort of scary/depressing) rain. Radio hosts talk about "know we know what it's like to live in Seattle" and the like.

Add to that the fact that I haven't mowed my grass for three weeks - and you get - well, you get a lot of frigging grass. I filled two trash cans with grass clippings today when I finally got a big enough break in the rain to mow. That's compared to the 3/4 of a can I typically fill. (Fret not. Coppell recycles grass clippings and will surely scoop up my two trash cans worth and compost them.)

It took the barn swallows 15 days to build a full nest. And you should have seen the variety of fauna that ran for their lives when I cranked up the ol' mower. Toads. Lizards. You leave your landscape untended during a rainy two weeks in Dallas and nature takes over.

Marketing Evolution

First there were dancing babies.
Then dancing silhouettes.
And now?

Holy shit - it's a campaign. With legs. Green ones that know dance steps.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blog Karma magnet

Evidently profiles alone don't add enough depth, nuance and texture to a blogger's persona. And since I take this blog - and the fragile community which has embraced it - somewhat seriously, I'll do Chatoyance the favor of posting the answers she so sheepishly requested.

This should be the last time I have to do it. Seriously.

Eight things you should probably know about the author of this blog (but probably didn't).

1. I have a bent toe (which may be genetic, my son has the same)

2. While I have worked in advertising for close to ten years, and have pretty much figured out all the different, not-so-mysterious ways a commercial can fly off the tracks into dismal failure, I continue to be fascinated by the fact that crap commercials show up on TV ALL THE TIME. Call me an optimist, but I feel like the industry should be improving over time. It is not.

3. I was drawn back to Dallas from Harrisburg - a fourteen hundred mile move that cost me weeks of anguish and a small piece of my mother's heart, ostensibly for a decent enchilada and the hope of seeing Robert Earl Keen more than once a year. One out of two ain't bad.

4. I dream that one day I'll write actual books.

5. I dream that one day I'll create actual art.

6. Until those two days, I'll be posting my photographs and marker comps and making feeble commentary on work done by people, most of whom are far more talented than I can ever be. But I do enjoy the pursuit.

7. I will listen to damn near anything. In much the same way I have lost the fear of being caught in public without my pants on - so have I lost the fear of someone making fun of me for having the Spice Girls on my ipod. I consider myself old enough to no longer care what you think about my cheesy pop hits (although I'll go ahead and mention that my ipod is tempered with enough Led Zeppelin, Keith Jarrett, and Paste Magazine samplers to keep me rooted, loose and open.)

8. I consider my greatest triumph, both personally and professionally, the fact that I am where I am today - feet away from the most important people in the world, in a great city in a great state in a great country where I'm free to bitch and want and wish and push and hope. I figure I can build upon my lot, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

And now back to our regularly scheduled sarcasm and short-sighted whining.


I want Fox to suffer through this experience too. It promises to be much more entertaining.

Mashup: Art vs. nature

Dale Chihuly makes art I'd like to eat. So it comes as no surprise to me that his exhibition in Pittsburgh looks like some crazy garden of eden. Check out the article from Philly's ARTBLOG.

There's more here.

Photography courtesy of ARTBLOG.

Late on the upswing...

But I like this one:

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Evidently plenty of green gore is hip with the 16-21 set, Scion's unapologetic demographic for their latest effort for the xA.

I'll give it a B+ for pyrotechnics. It's a little soft on merging the sell with the experience - I highly doubt spilling green blood is part of the larger brand promise, although admittedly, I'm asleep long before your average Scion Driver even takes his Saturday night pre-cruising shower. So what the hell do I know.

Definitely creepy. And somewhat engaging. And unique.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Entertain me

Adweek's article about consumers wary of cellphone ads (replete with the now completely overhyped iPhone photo) leaves me thinking "No shit, dumbass."

Most people DON'T want to be inundated with what, from our experience with more traditional media, will surely be 95% useless crap. Just like we resent a mailbox jammed with Lillian Vernon catalogs, an inbox full of software and investment spam and TV shows encumbered by 2 minutes pods of Allegra ads. The big insight in this article is: if you ask people to imagine being advertised to, they assume the worst. WAY more memorable than the three great ad experiences that engaged the average consumer this week is the utter sewerful of shit they were also exposed to.

So I'll say it, to no great effect, once again: if you make your "advertising" worth getting, people won't resent it. They'll beg for it. If your advertising is viral (read: relevant, entertaining, sharable, valuable in a cultural - and not merely commercial - capacity) it will send itself. And change not only the way people view your brand, but the way they view all advertising.

And perhaps Adweek will write a somewhat different story.

Monday, June 25, 2007


The jet lag is wearing off.
The last of the laundry is in the dryer.
My back is beginning to loosen up.
17 days of Italy behind me.