Thursday, July 05, 2007

Heads up

What with all the rain in Dallas: RFID umbrellas.

Thanks Buff

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Parade redux

I went back this year to see if things had improved from last year.
They had. Starting with fireworks set off last night in Andy Brown park and visible from the uncrowded confines of my front yard.

The temperature for Coppell's 4th of July Parade this year was a meager 83 degrees (with 70% humidity). Down about 20 degrees from last year. And yes, the giant tooth made his customary appearance.

I was armed with my Canon XT, a proper bag for candy, and a bottle of water - all missing from last year's event. Kell hung in there until the bitter end, in the name of free Sweetarts.

Still working the kinks out with the camera - but you get the idea.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

screw the phone...

Doesn't surprise me AT&T is fumbling the iPhone: look how slippery it looks. HiJive keeps it real.

I just want a horizontal video ipod with a touchscreen that lets me search the internet with an airport. No cell service. Wasn't some sort of voice-to-data going to replace phones anyway? What happened to that silver bullet?

Sprint's new stuff LOOKS pretty enough. Although "Coverage-palooza from sea to shining sea" makes me cringe. Amusing to me that they are all holding little balls of light - I guess it's because all the Sprint phones pretty much suck - and they aren't the iPhone.

Okay. I'll stop.


A few years back, my old partner Keith introduced me to the Whack Pack. Basically a deck of flash cards that facilitate brainstorming with simple strategies for attacking problems. Also happens to have pretty kickass little illustrations.

Now the creator, Roger, is using (along with about 150 other great blogs) as a sort of online Whack Upside the Head he's calling 'intellectual popcorn'. Surely I nailed the junkfood end of this equation.

Thanks to Paul for getting this whole thing rolling.

trap door

I like these.

The photos have definitive planar ambiguity. Sort of Escheresque.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The color loud

I'm loud.

Blame it on the coffee. Blame it on my walkman in 1987. Blame it on three years of screaming over Dave Spink's horrible music.

But I'm loud.

I look at high volume like others look at color. It's part of a broader composition of volume: louds and quiets, highs and lows. It's easier to appreciate the quiet things when there are loud things to compare them to. If we were all quiet - loud would be unbearable. Maybe I am that unbearable to some folks.

But I'm loud.

And I drop the F-bomb. Not pointlessly. But with regularity. Not quite Lebowski regularity - or Snatch regularity. But regularly. And loudly. And it may be unbearable.

but necessary:

"I fucked it up"
"I'm the fucking ambassador of happiness"
"Welcome to the fucking palace"

You know who you are.
It has its place.
And so does volume.

So all you quiet folks out there.
Fuck off.

Now I'll shut up.

The Green-in-the-house Effect

Here is an argument for "building a community" as a blogger:

On a good day, gets about 60 hits a day.
Today, thanks to a couple key links from Bill at Make the Logo Bigger, received over 120 hits.

I haven't had that much traffic since one of my Britney Spears posts got inadvertantly swept up in some spam-campaign.

Bill Green kicks ass. His blog kicks ass. And subsequently, when he mentions, Yonderponder kicks ass.

Update: even a sub-mention of the Bill Green Effect on another blog is good for a 50% rise in my blog traffic.

Springfield, USA

7-11's stunt for "The Simpsons" movie.

First time retail has been willingly hijacked for someone else's profit? Brings up all kinds of "on-brand" and "brand-damaged" arguments.

the POP is really quite eyecatching - check out all the elements.

Viral: Good and bad