Friday, July 13, 2007

Fridays: makes me feel like dancin'

video of the day

Thanks to my heroes at Gyro:

Dang! It DOES blend!

If I had a hammer...

Unfortunately, I'd also need Windows to see the demo online.
I have to settle for the YouTube version:

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Just saw this.

Totally intrigued.


From Twitter:

Keeping up with the Joneses

Dawn Jones has recently learned that she is "doctor conceived" and sets out to find her twenty-seven siblings. That's the premise of "Where Are The Joneses?" a new interactive comedy done in the style of "The Office" that you can participate in writing via wiki and watch online at YouTube. You can also follow Dawn's adventures via her Twitter udpates.

Cool idea. Remains to be seen if wiki can do for entertainment what it's done for the online encyclopedia. I've always been of the opinion that creative by commitee turned out a lot of worthless crap. I suppose that depends on the committee and what is at stake.

UPDATE: More here.
Thanks to ZI for poking his head out.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Outdoor that comes at you fast


Dallas' new secret weapon to reduce crime: spin control.

"In some cases, the rules allow multiple crimes to be reported as a single criminal act. For example, cities can count break-ins that occur within minutes of one another and are thought to have been committed by the same burglar as one criminal act, not 10 crimes, when reporting numbers to the FBI."

I feel safer already.


Scientists offer to have robots fight our wars for us.

"There are an enormous number of advantages in having robotic guards or robotic soldiers. Robots don't get bored. Robots do exactly what they're told. You don't have to write condolence letters for them. They are infinitely brave. When you don't need them, you can shrink-wrap them and put them in storage. They don't have families that need to have housing. And if you put them on a battlefield with lethal weapons, they will kill without remorse. They will kill without pity and without compunction, which is not something that you would say about human soldiers."

I thought that was one of the things that made wars horrible, terrible things that we were reluctant to involve ourselves in unless it was a cause that seemed truly worth the horrendous costs: like freedom and liberty and democracy.

The squeaky wheel and the slippery slope

In my past customer service comments , I've taken issue with just how many phone calls it takes to get the job done. And evidently, so has Sprint.

I don't like this trend one bit: understaff a customer service line with unempowered- and probably subcontracted call center shlubs whose only real authority is to have you blacklisted and ultimately blackballed.

Imagine if the electric company did this. "I'm sorry, you've complained about your bill one too many times so we're just turning your power off."

Is this designed to make people think twice about demanding fairness?

And quite honestly, does Sprint really stand in the power position to make a bold move like this? I like Sprint. I like my service. iPhone aside, I think they have it going on. Even if they have invested eerily heavily in the uber-irritating push-to-talk technology which, near as I can tell, is only good for commercial producers and roughnecks. But they're number three. Three? Sprint has been around since the dawn of time and they can only squeak out three? Their technology blows both Verizon and At&T out of the water, and they're number three? Maybe it's the customer service they should be working on.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Canada: in the news

Could this be the reason the Mounties are broken ?

Neither is good news when there are radioactive devices unaccounted for up there.

Good thing they're checking passports now. Oh. Wait.

Monday, July 09, 2007

And now for a little good news

Holy cow. The FCC is cracking down on the adverting industry in a way which might *gulp* IMPROVE advertising, by getting tough on testimonials. And there was much rejoicing. And finger-nail biting among mockumentary film directors.

Funny that Valerie Bertinelli is relevant for another nanosecond since divorcing rock's number-one unapproachable guitar god/wife-beater. (Runner up: Dickey Betts.)