Friday, August 10, 2007


Expand your world view.
I like the global view - makes a great screen-saver.

Thanks to Bill (who, in turn, thanks his own sources.)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

In My day...

This was a bad thing. If you could slap your competition's logo on your ad - if you literally had to "keep up with advertising" by subscribing to an ad service tofigure out which brand was responsible for which generically well-designed ads, you weren't doing your job. If your competition could claim the same thing, it wasn't worth claiming. I guess that was then?

image via ads of the world

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

End to End

This banner leads to this website.

Like the banner. Liked the shoes. Liked the website.

PY Caveat: I am a Link Whore

It's true. I spread the link love wildly and without a good deal of thought - or love even. As transparent as it may seem, actually YonderPonder was created for an audience of one: me. Basically a place for me to collect my thoughts - my favorite links - and to ponder on the yonderness of it all. And then, lo and behold, some of you started reading it.

I have no idea why.

I'm no authority on marketing. Or advertising. Or art. Or golf. Or Verizon's utter lack of customer service. Or Angelina's tattoos.

I just find stuff I like and dump it in here to remind me why I'm in this sometimes idiotic business. From the double headed perspective of an advertiser and one who is advertised to.

I leave the poignant observations to people with sociology degrees and book credits. My opinion is very much like an asshole: it stinks just as much as everyone elses. And it's just a necessary: a way to get poison out of my system before it poisons me.

I started this blog with no agenda. I continue to post to this blog with no specific goal in mind. I am amused by my technorati "Authority" rating. I am amused by my web traffic tracker. I am amused by the kind of googling that leads people to Yonderponder.

Whatever your reasons for reading this blog: thanks. You are not reading the words of a pundit with authority. Other than the authority of a 34-year-old 10 year veteran of advertising with a family, a job, and a taste for barbecue.

On with the inanities.

Screw the Herd

Adliterate throws brainstorming under the train.

Describing the experience as one "in which too many people, with little ultimate responsibility for the quality of the outcome whitter on for far too long to the increasing frustration of the problem owner. Frustration manifestly worsened by the cult of facilitation."

Amen, brother.

Furthermore: "for my money, the optimum number of people for an idea generation session is two with no facilitator hanging on. Two people that have a vested interest in the quality of the outcome and can switch seemlessly between divergent and convergent thinking until they get to the right idea which they both then build upon.

It is one of the reasons that Bernbach was a genius in putting art directors and copywriters together and a reason that strategists should also be paired, or paired with individual creatives."

This article alone is enough of a reason to permalink this blog.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Photo Tuesday

Found this in my favorite photographers' new work section. Quintessential summer.