Saturday, September 22, 2007


This is a HUGE BEAST of a loading site.
It's cool and elaborate and probably about 1 year or two ahead of the bandwidth populace. Butit's been faithfully rendered down to the last pixel and it's pretty compelling. If you can get it open.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Snark Sells

We, the snarky ad-industry-blogging community at large, have been outted for our surprisingly negative take on advertising. Except for Seth Godin, one of the only silver-lining-finders in the bunch. Albeit about himself, the author snarkily points out.

Pity to give Adweek the link, but what the hell. Call it charity.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Photo Tuesday

As lazy as it may seem for me to find a Photo Tuesday photo on a blog entitled New York Daily Photo, I actually dug through a considerable number of images to pick this one.

Actually part of an interesting series, as covered in this post. New York eccentricity at its most electric.

Photo from New York Daily Photo


Furiously digging around on the beloved interweb this morning for some ideal locations, I stumbled across this location scout's website.

If you're like me (or my wife), if you've poked your head into open houses just because they were houses and they were open, this is your kind of paradise.

I will probably never be invited over to one of these house. But I can still draw conclusions about the owners from their drapes and the cleanliness of their pools.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Stay weird in Philly

Funny that I have to thank a woman who, no doubt, mispronounces Philadelphia (that's a Bahston joke, Lori) for the lead that uncovered this find: UWISHUNU.

Particularly cool is the little flash feature on the room at the Westin that got a Philly art Scene makeover (pictured above.)

Disappointing that it still looks like a *yawn* Westin under all the frescoes and silk dupioni. Good effort though. A hotel fully done like this would be badass.

30 Days of Night

You may have irritating loading issues, but this site for the new movie, 30 days of night, is very well produced. Looks like an Andrew Wyeth painting gone horribly bad.

UPDATE: sorry, fixed the broken link.

post mini-soccer ponderings

Which position will you play today?

The blamer : "He knocked me over and I fell down. Waaaaaaaaah!"
The defiant: "I didn't knock him down."
The teamate: "Even though I didn't knock you down, I'll pick you up."
The daydreamer: "We're playing a game? Now?"
The breakaway striker: "I'll just do it myself."
The selfless defensemen: "Somebody has to do this part or we'll lose."
The sideliner: "Is it my turn yet?"

Will you just be one in a group of eight, taking turns kicking your teamates in the shins without moving the ball a yard? Or the one who understands the rules but not the strategy? Will you be one who lives for the water break and the postgame snack?

Do you want to win? Does everyone else?

Does ANYONE else?