Friday, October 26, 2007

Itchy Stocking Stuffer

If you are on top of it (and I know some of you are) then you may well be doing your Christmas shopping by now. My wife is. In fact, evidently my present is going to kick ass and for the first time since I've known her, she's not going to tell me what it is until I open it Christmas Day. Which is pretty cool and utterly infuriating.

Moving on...

If you are like me and my extended family, December brings with it: itchies! Dang those itchies! Flakies! Crispies! When I was a kid my mother slathered me in something called Eucerin (which I can't spell, but the smell of it still brings back the sensation of my thighs being glued to the inside of my pant legs on chilly mornings at the bus stop.)

Fucking agony.

Well, my sister has made it her personal mission to do battle with the body salves of the world and is unveiling a line of skin products for children that don't smell like medical supplies. Nor do they use a whole bunch of chemicals. Nor nut-derived allergians.

What is it, you ask, rubbing your chapped hands together with glee?

Stuff for Sprouts.

This stuff is actually pretty great. Lemon lotion for mere flakiness. Blueberry Muffin cream for extra-crispy children and adults. Peanut Butter and Jelly lipstuff that you can spread, cheek to cheek, from your septum (under your nose there) to your chin with a single swipe.

Kris made 'em for her kids - terribly damaged as they were by the harsh water in too-close-to-Delaware PA. But my wife swears by them for her arms, legs and feet.

And you will too.

And no, I don't make a single penny on her selling them.
And yes, I helped with the package design.
And no, I can not be held liable if someone tries to eat your arm in the elevator after you try one of these kick-ass moisturizers. That my sister invented in her kitchen. In between raising her children and working a pretty-much full time marketing job.

Tell your friends.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Diesel Powered

I doubt I'd ever be caught dead in anything with "Diesel" on the label. I lack the necessary funds, pretention and general hautiness to pull off a pair of lime green sneakers.

But their website is always worth checking out. For as long as I can remember, Diesel online has been an experience of its own. And the stuff I found in pursuit of a new pair of jeans was pretty cool. And pretty sexy. And pretty well-done.

The kids stuff is a little too weird. I love my kid in hand-me-down Spiderman t-shirts and hockey jerseys. Hip-Hop High fashion is troublesome on a four-year old. I'm terrified of who he'll be emulating at the none-too-distant foot of that slippery slope.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Photo Tuesday

I'm a sucker for nostalgic art direction.
This stuff feels like Andrew Wyeth meets Pete Barrett.
To me, anyway.

More at


My wife and I were watching Dancing with the Stars tonight (inadvertantly I swear - it was on a projection TV at our favorite Thai restaurant) when Mel B comes spinning across the carpet. A little interstitial shows her Sisters in Power. Our friend mentioned they were touring.

Susie deadpans: "As what, Old Spice?"

I smell tour sponsorship!

Capitalizing on the Rebellion - or not

Fun idea, poorly executed.
Even whipped the loyal following into a frenzy.

Still, my son will never look at a mailbox the same way again.


Sweet site for Vision Street Wear.
See the development story here.