Friday, November 09, 2007

Art Fridays?

I dunno - I've had trouble coming up with enough photographers (and time) to keep Photo Tuesdays alive properly, despite its limited popularity. Art fridays might be a stretch.

Still - I was poking around the SPACE 1026 gallery site and ended up off the beaten track over here.

Just liked this cover and though I'd share.

From a pub called SPOTHUNTERS; available through CANTAB for $12.


What's cool to me about this one is: it's as much about the people and the town as it is about the stunt.

And if it's been done before, it's never been done this well.

(Sorry about the lead-away link. couldn't figure out how to embed - I'm kinda dumb like that.)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Anything but

Anyone who knows my former professor, Ray Nichols, would laugh if you used his name and the word "wallflower" in the same sentence.
But he and his wife Jill acquired a couple letterpresses and are doing some intriguing work. Work that I honestly don't know how to classify. True letterpress work. Set by hand. Printed by hand. Cut by hand. Like Gutenberg.

A stark contrast to the stuff I've been up to my eyeballs in.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Feeling a little green

NBC is making me nauseous.

Can you REALLY do a series of green "the more you know" commercials with enlightened new-millenium tidbits like "plant a tree" and "recycle"?

Where have you assholes been?
Leaving the serious stuff to the wackos on public (read: relatively untainted) television but for the occasional "crack down" by the likes of John Stossel?

Candlelight football? Cripes! Kermit the Frog cohosting "millionaire?" WTF? You want a frog that can save the planet?

Home Depot sponsors 10 ways to spend your money "saving the planet" at their highly inefficient, over-lit (and understaffed and undertrained) stores?
Writers asked to write "green" jokes? (that sucked, and in many cases, thumbed their noses at "green" altogether - a foretaste of the strike to come?)

I know it's a good thing that we're all saving the planet now. And I know NBC has their heart in the right place. But isn't that company full of SMART people? Couldn't smart people come up with some truly innovative and interesting ways to address ecological responsibility that take us a step past advocating CFC bulbs (not necessarily as brilliant as these) and the cast of Heroes dumping a ceremonial shovel full of dirt on a sapling in Times square?

What a load of token bullshit.

You want some interesting ideas?

Start buying less crap. And wasting less of that.
Start recycling EVERYTHING.
Make a fucking compost pile.
Put a rainbarrel in your yard.
You know: the weird hippie shit that would take some effort. THAT's how we save the planet. Not by buying a new, energy efficient dryer (and carting the old one off to a landfill.)

NBC: Surprise me. Don't tell me you're turning a few lights out. Tell me you're switching to completely renewable electricity. Tell me you're all taking the bus to work.

Or just shut up and let me watch reruns while you let your SMART people figure out how to pay your other SMART people to write your material. Or are they on strike too?

Photo Tuesday

The distinctly Texas stylings of Randal Ford.
Stunning work. He has perfected a grainy, contrasty look
and palette that defines Texas.

I believe he also works in other states.

All photos by Randal Ford

Living art

I spent a lot of time immersed in Dwell magazines this weekend.
Paula Hayes is my new hero.
Why do I want one of these?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Throw another Eagle on the campfire

Cowboys DE Marcus Spears was feeling mighty confident after sharing a sack and forcing a fumble on the first possession against the Eagles. "It was fun," Spears said of the win. "It reminded me of high school. We were a dominant team and you go in and the school will know it's going to be over by the third quarter, and the only people left in the stands are the families and diehard fans."


Good Lord.

It WAS sort of a drubbing.